Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams is the coauthor of Dead Meat, a horror novel that started as a serial novel sponsored by Permuted Press. After two years of writing and releasing chapters via the blog on, Dead Meat was published by Permuted Press.

Currently, Patrick and his brother Chris are working on a series of novellas set in the Dead Meat world. While the novellas will explore different aspects of the post-apocalyptic setting of Dead Meat, the Williams brothers are collaborating on various projects that aren’t all post-apocalyptic. Patrick is also working on solo projects, including a collection of poetry and a series of fantasy novels.

Patrick resides in North Carolina’s Triangle area, working as an English instructor at a local community college. When he’s not teaching composition or literature, Patrick enjoys reading, writing, studying, and spending time with his two children (a third in the near future), wife, and multiple animals.

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